NVHG’s hotel management team has successfully operated over 100 hotels in the past 30 years, with an asset value in excess of $3 billion.  Unlike many independent management companies that rely solely on recruitment, NVHG has invested significant capital to develop an industry-leading set of proprietary tools and branded systems. These tools (described below), in conjunction with an experienced and entrepreneurial management team, provide the on-property and above-property support required to manage its assets as efficiently as possible, while maximizing guest/associate satisfaction.

NVHG Tools

NVHG’s management philosophy is focused on maximizing revenue generation, optimizing staff performance, streamlining financial reporting and analytics, and enhancing the guest experience.  To achieve each of these objectives, we have developed a series of state-of-the-art proprietary tools and processes.

Ecommerce Platform / Northview Business Intelligence™ / Sales Performance Platform: Maximizing Revenue Generation

NVHG has cultivated a series of tools to maximize top line revenue across its assets. Our Ecommerce Platform expands a hotel/resort’s standard, brochure-style web content into an interactive and destination-oriented website that dramatically increases page rankings, overall traffic, and special interest traffic (e.g. golf, wedding, social event, etc).  By establishing multiple entry points that attract unique visitors, combined with meaningful social media interfaces, NVHG custom designs websites that de-commoditize hotel/resort offerings and drive a higher percentage of sales conversions than industry standards.

Northview’s Business Intelligence™ tool kit provides a variety of systems, which enable management to analyze and forecast room revenue on a daily basis, gauge the effectiveness of promotions/advertising, and optimize sales incentive plans.

Northview’s cloud-based Sales Performance Platform uses advanced caller data analysis and routing systems to ensure that all new reservations and high-value leads are paired with our best sales representatives.  Our senior leadership can monitor and analyze Reservations Sales Center activity via live feed on our digital dashboard.

TrueNorth™: Optimizing Staff Performance

TrueNorth™ is NVHG’s web-based performance management system, which replaces the traditional “top down” Management By Objectives paradigm with a more collaborative culture of shared accountability.

RealView™: Streamlining Financial Reporting and Analytics

The RealView ™ financial reporting system (along with its web-based/mobile counterpart RealView™ Flash) is a user-friendly platform that supports ground-up labor and expense planning, forecasting, and reporting in real time, allowing owners and senior management to proactively impact the bottom line.  RealView™ works in tandem with the Northview Schedule Optimizer™ to maximize labor efficiencies while maintaining appropriate guest service levels.

Northview Guest Experience™: Enhancing the Guest Experience

Northview focuses on developing and redeveloping its assets through the eyes of the target guest and utilizes a comprehensive analysis of customer feedback (focus groups, charrettes, and web surveys) to ensure alignment with guest expectations.