Northview Hotel Group’s core investment philosophy is focused on the acquisition of hotel and resort properties, with (i) attractive risk-adjusted returns, (ii) solid downside protection, (iii) and strong upside potential through the implementation of strategic renovations and improved management.  Northview also looks for additional value-add opportunities in its acquisitions, whether through changes in entitlements or other zoning issues, the addition of rooms, or a reconfiguration of the capital structure to enhance the investment return.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns
Northview analyzes and measures various performance scenarios to ensure that underwritten returns are commensurate with the risk profile of each individual investment.

Solid Downside Protection
Northview pursues investment opportunities in high barrier-to-entry markets, where the all-in deal basis is significantly below replacement cost. Northview’s founding partner, Mark Mance, has completed nearly $3 billion in lodging investments and has never earned less than a 7% IRR in a single transaction.

Strong Upside Potential
Northview unlocks value through strategic renovations, management overhauls, and other investment “intangibles” (re-flagging/de-flagging, lease buy-outs, land entitlements, etc.).

Northview Adds Value Throughout the Deal Cycle